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Street Team / ARC Team

A street team is an intimate network of creative book lovers who assist in generating enthusiasm in an author's book several months prior to its actual release date and who also support the writer on the book's release day. As a street team member, you use referrals to connect authors with readers and to help generate the excitement for a book by circulating the book cover, synopsis, or reviews. They aid the author in their writing process in addition to assisting as an agent for marketing the book. They are tailored to the author's specifications. 

Member's Role

The most important part - Do not share the ARC copy anywhere!

Member's Benefits:

Imagine being a part of your favourite author's exclusive team - a group that allowed you to read the most recent works by that author and gain insight into the inner workings of their life and thoughts. 

Exciting right?! 

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Who are not welcome on board?

Anyone who doesn't dream or have passion!