How can I send my manuscripts in?

You can mail us your manuscript. 

For more information, please refer to the Publishing steps page

Do we publish academic books too?

Yes, we are open to all genres.

How can I be sure that my manuscript will be read? 

Every year, we get a good amount of proposals and manuscripts. Each suggestion receives the same attentive consideration from our experienced and skilled editing team since we value all submissions. You will be notified via mail of the confirmation.

How long does the evaluation process typically take?

To get insight into the work and assess its potential, the editorial team undertakes a preliminary assessment of the summary and sample chapters. If your proposal is accepted, you might be asked to submit the whole manuscript for a comprehensive review for traditional publishing. 

A team of editors then thoroughly assesses the book for its linguistic, creative merits, fluency, style, marketability, and sales potential. You will be informed of our decision after this thorough examination, which takes at least one month. Please be aware that requesting a thorough manuscript in no way implies that it has been or will be accepted for publication.

Do I receive feedback/review of my story/poem?

Owing to the numerous manuscripts we receive, it will be hard to review each manuscript individually. However, if you wish to receive a review on your manuscript, you can request us via mail. You will be requested to pay a particular review cost, after which you will receive the review via mail.

Who should I get in touch with during the evaluation process?

At the very least three to six months are needed for the complete manuscript’s review process. Unfortunately, we won't be able to answer any questions during this period via phone, fax, email, or in person. At the conclusion of the evaluation period, the decision will be mailed to you. In case you need to contact us for any other queries you can contact us via the provided mail.

Will you send my submission back?

Please save a copy of the manuscript and any proposals you submit (if asked to send it in). Due to the overwhelming volume of proposals we get, we disclaim all liability for returning any correspondence you send us.

What terms and conditions will apply to the publication of my book?

Terms and conditions relating to royalties, markets, copy count, and distribution network are all choices that are made only once a book is officially accepted for publishing. These will automatically be covered subsequently, should your manuscript be accepted. It is too soon to ask about these at the time you submit your proposal or when it is being evaluated.

Can I send my proposal to someone else after I've sent it to you?

You are free to submit your idea to us and other parties at the same time. However, we would ask that you let us know about it. In order for us to stop evaluating your proposal, we also ask that you let us know as soon as your manuscript is accepted for publication by another party. 

If you have previously sent your book to another publishing house in the interim, please do not submit it to us if we request it until you have heard from them or have informed them that you are withdrawing your submission. Similarly, while your manuscript is being thoroughly evaluated by Poetry World Org (PWO), we kindly ask you not to submit it for review elsewhere. 

You have the right to request that we stop reviewing your text at any time, up until the point at which we announce our choice.

How long will it take for publishing my book?

After the services selected, such as editing, formatting, and layout, have been completed, the book will be sent to print upon author approval. Overall, this process takes about 30 to 45 days, but it could take a bit longer in unforeseen situations like natural disasters, resource shortages, or delays brought on by the volume of labor required to turn a manuscript into a book. Please refer to the steps of publishing page for the detailed time period of the process.

Approximately how many copies will you print of my book?

We print on demand, which means that we do it whenever there is a demand for your book from either readers, consumers, or the author. In addition to the free copies promised in the packages, you can buy additional copies from us at author price.

Will I get updates on each stage and if yes, how?

Of course! Only you have the right to make decisions because you are the owner of the book. We will keep you informed on every step of the publication's development, including cover design, editing, formatting, layout design, and printing. With your permission, your manuscript will go up the ladder toward publication. To keep the textual communication flowing regularly and consistently so that the clarity is maintained, we will send emails or texts as per your choice. The process will only be delayed if you choose to use normal mail as an alternative. 

How is my book's MRP determined?

The cost of the book will be decided by you and us. Every book has a production price. The final MRP of the book will be whatever is reasonable above the cost price and will be decided jointly by you and our skilled team members.

How am I going to find out how many books were sold?

We give you access to an Author's Dashboard Form via email where you can keep track of how many books you've sold, when they were sold, and through which online and offline channels.

Who is the rightful owner of all the book's rights?

As we previously stated, you continue to own all rights to your book. We only have selling rights of your book.

Will I be permitted to publish my book through any other publishers, If and when I want to do so?

Yes! Sending us an email or giving us a call is all that is required if you ever wish to stop using our services. We wouldn't have any trouble giving you a NOC (No Objection Certificate). But until you do, getting your book printed and promoted from any other source would be against the law and immoral.

Will you publish a book that has already been published by another publisher?

Yes! A NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the other publisher is required before we may publish your book. But if you don't, getting your book printed and promoted would be against the law and unethical. But in those cases also you can contact us for help, we will find you some way out.

Can the package be modified?

Yes, we do have one bundle in particular that fits under this category. That option is available for complete customization.

Can I take some services out of the scheduled package that I don't need?

You can adjust the bundle to meet your needs, of course. You can easily customise your plan by going to our packages section, for instance, if you prefer the Essential package and want editing service.

Can I opt for only printing services and not publishing?

Yes, you can. However, there is a certain process to follow and certain payment according to the manuscript. If you wish to do so, drop a request on mail, one of our team members will guide you through the process.

What is a street team/ ARC Team?

It's a team of book-lovers who love to read and promote books published by PWO. In brief, you will be the 'face' of PWO on social media platforms.

However, if you are joining our street/ARC team, we would like you to submit the deliverables within the time-frame. 

Guidelines for each project will be shared prior. You are free to choose your team.

If you are in ARC Team, reviewing the book is mandatory within the given time-frame.

If you are in street team, reviews are not required, but they are very much appreciated!

Submitting reviews gives you points and the opportunity to win!

What do I get if I join ARC/Street Team?

You get to read the book for free before it hits the market.

As a token of appreciation, you'll receive many goodies. 

Gifts, giveaways, bookish merch and promotions will be conducted on a regular basis.

Submitting reviews gives you points and the opportunity to win comparatively.

How do I join ARC/Street Team?

Fill this form (Street team interest form) and our representative will contact you.